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Staffing and Scheduling Methodologies

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Jody Crane, MD, MBA, covers the academic principles for Queuing Theory, Lean Principles and the Theory Of Constraints (TOC).



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Course Reviews

  1. I really liked the interactive flow model
    I really liked the interactive flow model.

  2. ED Staffing and Scheduling Methodologies
    Excellent, well explained, good presentation,

  3. Avatar of Juan Garza Juan Garza says:

    Great review, complements book.

  4. Avatar of Carl Piel Carl Piel says:

    Good introduction
    Now I just need to audit a statistics class to review all the things I learned in high school 30 years ago:-)

  5. EDDA Staffing and scheduling methodologies
    Great introduction and overview to these concepts. As a physician without any formal business training and new to this position as medical director, I am excited to be able to study and apply these principles to improve my ED

  6. Solid explanations of very practical concepts

  7. staffing and scheduling methodologies
    great stuff

  8. Avatar of Daniel Dewey Daniel Dewey says:

    very good overview of this topic

  9. Easy to follow. Great lecturer. Good overview.

  10. Staffing and scheduling
    I have very familiar with the LEAN process and believe in its success. While the presentation does involve statistics for analysis and interpretation of process management, it is relatively easy to follow and to start applying these principles prior to attendance at the seminar.

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